How I Lost 60 Pounds in 2 Months

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

As most of my followers know, I used to be a model and part time actress, both for fun, never for a Job. However, being part Italian I have always had a curvy figure, which if anyone knows a curvy Italian Woman, they can easily become round curvy women. Therefore, I have always had to make a slight effort to maintain a fun lifestyle especially with all the delicious food here in Las Vegas.

My Routine before I adopted my children was:

Gym 3 times a week for an intense workout, which made me wobble for the next 24 hours and power bars for breakfast.

However, it allowed me to maintain my figure and lifestyle so it was worth the suffering.

Now, I just spent 20 Minutes trying to find old modeling photos but this computer was just restored, so I will try to find them and update it here soon.


Once I adopted the kids, OVER 10 years ago, it went all down hill from there! I am sure a ton of mom's out there get it.

As an Influencer I get 30 thing a day in the mail, so I am constantly trying new stuff. The One thing about Protein shakes that have always turned me off, is the fact that you have to choke them down. I'm sorry but if something is that nasty, you have to be a very "disciplined" person to torture yourself like that. So, as I am obligated to try everything that comes through my door, most I do that Mmmm it's good gesture, but it is not something I would ever drink again, nor would I suggest it to my family or friends and certainly not on my PERSONAL blog, where I never post anything like this.

But then I was approached by an MLM Marketer who was trying to promote his brand...or at least the brand he signed up to sell and hired to promote it for him. Again a Box arrived, this time it was like no other, this box was filled with Two huge Protein shake powders, a Hydrate drink mix, two energy drink mixes, a sleep tab kit, a mixer bottle and a ton of beauty products. Instantly impressed I jumped on the website and set up my account and dove into everything there was to learn about this product. I mean I am promoting it for this guy, so I have to know what I am promoting. First I took the FREE ASSESSMENT, which recommended things I was missing in my life, by the honest questions I answered.

Then I dove into the Wellness and Experience Tabs, which I have to say is one of the most impressive systems for monitoring and tracking your progress I have ever seen.

So, now I have all this knowledge, but I have not tried this icky crap everyone always sends me, so I decide to set a date and commit, if it is gross, it is a 1 day and over commitment, if I can tolerate it, then I will commit to 30 days.

So, whenever I try one of these for the first time, I just do what the instructions state.

Which is One Scoop of powder per 10-12 ounces of Milk or Water. Being someone that has had many trainers and nutritionists, I went with Vitamin D, whole milk, which is what I always use. I used 12 ounces as I figured if I like this, it was my breakfast. So I poured the milk into the bottle that came in the pack that has this cool whisk ball in it, added the scoop of Powder and shook the crap out of it. I took the lid off and let it sit for about 2-3 mins, put the lid back on and shook it again, then I took a sip. hmmmm, I thought! I took another sip, then a gulp, then before I looked the entire thing was gone. As Izzy and Noah were watching this, they were both standing there with their mouths open, then Noah said "I want one" LOL.

So for the next thirty days this was my daily routine and what I ate.

I Joined 24 hour fitness, Yes I did and I am NOT a gym person, but I was committing, I mean I was over 100 pounds overweight, even though I didn't look like I was. I went two times a week and only did what I could handle. I pushed myself a little more each time, but I really never stayed more than 1/2 an hour each time. In the 30 days, I did sneak in a few guilty trips to the gym, but it was only twice I think.

What I Drank and Ate:


1 Protein Shake (just as I described above)

then either 2 scrambled eggs and 1 piece of wheat toast or A Fruit Smoothie Yogurt bowl of some sort.


1.5 Bottles of Water (in my whisk bottle) with 1 Pack of Energy Orange Drink Mix & 1 Pouch of Hydrate Fruit Punch (this I drink throughout the day, and I do make this drink twice per day, one of them I replace the Orange Energy Drink Mix with the Slim Drink Mix)

Bananas / Pineapple / Watermelon or any fruit you like... I ate those for snacks

or 1 Granola Bar or a Yogurt


Tuna Sandwich & Sunchips or Any Salad I wanted, just nothing fried in it.


What everyone else was eating, I just left food on my plate, that was my theory...still is.

Eat until satisfied. Remember we are committed! It is only 30 days of your life, it is nothing...all stuff going through my head.

Any of my real followers will know I am a work-a-holic and an Insomniac, so I did try the Sleep Tabs about 1 time or more during this 30 days I was committing to this.

A few other things I cut out as much as possible was Soda and Bread. I knew that once I got to my weight I could add it back in, in moderation.

Now in my box was a bunch of other stuff as I mentioned

the Energy chews and bars were both gross, but I am super super picky on those. I have given those away to some friends and they loved them and ordered more, so to each their own on that one, LOL.

But I did Have these Three things Laying around for snack and grab:

Nut Trail Mix - Big Jar - was cheap and lasted me the whole month

Peanut Butter Bars - Which I got from a discount store and still buy, they are a great protein pick me upper! and last but not least.

Coconut Cashew Crunch - this was a guilty indulgence, but I justified it with the healthy chocolate and cashew part! LOL

You can check out some of the products in this video below:

So, After 2 weeks only on this, I dropped 13 pounds and instantly called the guy who hired me, I said I want to sell this and no longer want to just market this for you, this stuff is the best I have ever tested. After 60 days I was down 60 pounds and was then packing to move back to Las Vegas, So here I am, now yelling it from the rooftops.

I have 34 pounds to go, just moving back to vegas was a stuggle getting back on, but I started back a week ago and already down 6 pounds, so 34 to go and I will be at my model weight.

BTW: The Best deal is the bundle, which is what I purchase each month, as well as I redo my free evaluation each month and order the vitamins it says I need.

If you do it this way just Click Here: Opportunity

sign up for whichever you like and you will receive exactly what I described in my first box above. BUT THE BEST PART, you can now sell and make HUGE commissions, the best out there for this kind of product. Then each month you can opt to do the same kit sent to you or customize it as you go. That is how I have opinions after two year, I have tried everything, the stuff I love, I have stuck with.

Girls, Guys, friends and Family, anyone out there struggling, reach out, I will help you! we need support and the right tools to get it done and mindset and of course the food is important. Lets rock this everyone!

Please leave your comments in the section below, lets start the support!

xoxo Haley

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