Hat Love and Summer Fun!

I have always been a huge fan of hat! Not only are they fashionable, but they protect you from prolonged exposure to the sun. I learned to love them when I was around 18 / 19 years old on my first trip to Cancun Mexico. I decided to lay out in the sun and before I knew it I was burnt to a crisp. I had to walk around for the next three days dodging in and out of cover to avoid more sun and to not boil inside from all the burns on my body.

My kids think I am obsessed with hats now as I have about 30 of them. I love them to match my outfits and I love to wear shorts and love even more to wear sundresses. But I always have a hat to match. I waited 3 weeks to even post this as I got this hat last summer and even though it is in most of my shots, I have yet to be able to find it in stock on Amazon.

So I finally gave up and instead I am just going to show you all the ones I do have. Most of these shoots are going to showcase just a few, but I will have a ton more at the bottom for you to check out.

One thing I learned from all the burns I had that day was to take better care of my skin. Not only do I use beauty products throughout the day. But I make sure to have just enough sun while I am and then either seek shade or grab my trusty hat. Sun is very important for our health, but tanning is not. The more you tan, the quicker your skin will age. I want to make sure when I am 60, that I don't look it. That is where my hat love comes in!

When I am shopping I always have a few hats in the car. Living in Las Vegas can be torture if you don't have sunscreen, Hats and water with you at all times. So I have actually a few of them in the cart to choose from at all times. On those occasions when an outfit isn't planned they come in handy. I Went to a cookout last weekend and heather had just planted all these beautiful flowers. She was swatting at bees the whole time and then I handed her one of my hats.

She just looked at me like I was nuts at first, but then I replied, they are attracted to your shampoo and the nest of hair you have on your head. So she threw it on. A few hours later she came up and said, "OK now I see why you love your hats so much, I was wondering why they weren't bothering you and now I know" Not to say that hats will keep bees away from you, they were bothering me a little, but they were not trying to fly into my hair as it was covered up. One of my favorites, which is not in these shoots, but one of my absolute favorite ones to grab. I had forgotten it this day so it stayed on my bed while I ran out the door! But you should check it out here! It is crocheted and has this sweet lace ribbon that goes from the top and wraps around or you can even tie it under your chin.

I have no idea why I am so comfortable in hats, it may just have been my experience with the sun burn when I was a young adult, but Sundresses beg for me to wear them. They scream at me "don't forget the hat" LOL My favorite is my cowboy sunhat that I wear with my boots.

But nothing is better than heading to Lakes of Las Vegas for the day for a good boat ride, the only thing better is the California Beaches.

I will close this out with my two favorite hats to wear with jeans. Depending on the top I either wear my white hat with the blue ribbon.

This looks so good when I wear my cream blouse with blue buttons. It makes everything pop once the jeans are on and the hat is in place. You could even use this with your favorite bikini while you lay out on the beach and read a book. Me, I love to have a great pina colada while I text my friends and family on my laptop. The sound of the waves and the sunlight makes me feel like I am on the best place on earth. But don't forget to wear your hat. You never want to have a sunburn like I did. It was the most damage I have ever done to my skin.

Then there is My dark blue Hat that I wear with my dark denim skirt or jeans, depending again on the top I choose. This is best though, worn with my favorite graphic Tee.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed the fun day shooting it for you. Check out all the great deals by either clicking on the photos or the highlighted words.

xoxo Haley Fox

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