FINALLY, Custom Clothing for Everyone!

I was tooling through Instagram yesterday, looking for some inspiration, when I saw one of the best advertisements ever! This company sold leggins and instead of your normal everyday runway models for their campaign, they went with every size, shape and color. I was so impressed that finally someone got it!

That is what is inspiring my new post, as it is all about one of my favorite places to shop online. The reason is, for NOT one penny more, you can actually have every inch of your outfit custom fit to your measurements. The best part, nothing on their website is unreasonable. They have some of the most stunning and unique designs to choose from.

Just check out some of these inspirational photo-shoots from real life people like you and me. You can see these outfits fit them to the T. They are adorable, fancy, everyday, retro, glamorous and even sexy.

This one makes me know why there is no such thing as too many pillows! LOL But the outfit, the hat and those stunning earrings make this outfit a win win. @daily.jule does an amazing job showing of her style in the striped preppy everyday jumper set you can find here: STRIPED DRESS

Sadly the Hat and Earrings I have yet to track down, but believe me, when I do I will update you here and post it to all the social channels as those are stunning!

Then we have this beautiful outfit shown off by the lovely @catoinamsterdam from Amsterdam, who's entire feed is all about fashion.

Her page is filled with the coolest style inspiration I have seen in a long time. You can tell she takes pride in her appearance out the outfit choices she makes, her feed is a guaranteed follow. I especially love that she does styled photo shoots, it gives people like me, that are all about fashion, some great inspiration when we are shopping. Plus talk about influence, all you have to do is do what you love!

I have so many more to show you, including my lovely Pants Suit I ordered. Now officially my favorite outfit! I can't tell you enough how awesome it feels to put something on that fits you so well that is like putting on a second skin, but this is what eShakti is all about, luxury for the everyday woman. For this stunning dress, Click Here.

@cicimarieblog is another adorable one that I love to follow. This fashionable mom loves to show of her lifestyle in this amazing blog that is a must follow for anyone looking for tips on just about anything. This firey Red head leaves you wanting more with every page turn. She has a unique twist on everything she does and her photo shoots reflect this. Just check out this adorable Jump Suit she is styling in this amazing shoot she did by the water. You can Get yours by CLICKING HERE. Make sure to give her a follow, she is great inspiration for all lifestyle needs.

As women are all sizes I love when we show off our styles no matter what size and take pride in ourselves. We do not have to be pencil thin to be beautiful, that is all attitude. Just like with @tonsablush she is and should be an inspiration for all women everywhere! She is not

She is a new follow for me, but once you check out her feed you will see why she is my official favorite post of the day. She has sexy down and she ain't playing!

Since I don't want you to get bored with this and I have a bunch of Instagramers to cover, I am going to finish them up in a gallery style below. But I will put their Usernames with each one and the link right from the photo to see the actual product. I will update this when I find great outfits to share with you.

Don't forget to leave comments below and make sure if you have shopped with them, please share your photos, I love seeing these custom outfits fit perfectly on their fans.

Lovely Outfit modeled by @kristiana_gibbard

Adorableness at it's finest! @rievictoriaaoki

This adorable dress is modeled by @tashapolis

I can't find who modeled this but the dress is attached to the photo

This beautiful Maxi Dress is shown off by the stunning @thestyleride

This is the perfect dress for an interview @anchoredinelegance

One of my favorites, this watermelon dress is perfect @asequinloveaffair

Then check me out! @withlovefromhaley

Honestly I could go through the Instagram feed all week and show you designs OR you can go design your own and email me the photos so I can feature you here as well.


XOXO Haley Fox

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