Do You know your Pinot from your Chardonnay?

Most think that color is the sign of which Wine is which, but that is very untrue. Both Pinot Grigio and chardonnay are a white wine. Yes, both are refreshing and easy to drink, but the similarity ends there. Both of these wines come from different colored grapes that give it different flavors and are grown in varied climates and soils. These differences are reflected in each glass you drink. Do Today I am going to Ask you - Do you know your Pinot from your Chardonnay? Either Way, I will lay it out for you. Let's go!

Yes, Pinot Grigio is a simple wine perfect for a summer outing, While chardonnay is more complex. All you have to do is taste it to see the difference between creamy chardonnay and crisp Pinot Grigio. Knowing why these wines taste so different will helps you with pairing your wines with your foods.

Pinot Grigio's Grapes

The Pinot grigio grapes originally came from Italy, where they still thrive to this day. But, the Pinot Grigio Grape has also migrated to the California wineries.

This delicious wine derives from a plump, red-skinned grape. The skin's acidity gives the wine a sharp, crisp bite.

The Pinot Grigio grape is a dry grape and has a tangy, citrus-like aroma. Pinot grigio is a wine from the same grape but grown in a sunnier climate. It has a full body flavor with a rich aroma and a more complex flavor profile. It also is lined with hints of pears and apples.

All About the Chardonnay

Many Vineyards in California, France, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia produce chardonnay. Chardonnay is named for its thin, green-skinned grape. These grapes give chardonnay a taste that is both creamy and woody, when it is aged in oak or a mineral-toned when aged in steel. When aged in Oak it will often has smoky tones of vanilla and honey. When aged in Steel it is a brighter bolder flavor.

Depending on where they are grown, you may taste hints of fruit ranging from peach to citrus. In general, chardonnay from cooler regions and has a sharper fruit top, defined by flavors like apples and limes. Chardonnay from the warmer climates have their tastes lay on the side of tropical fruits such as pineapple or melon.

Aged in Oak

Most of the American chardonnays are aged in oak barrels. The chemistry behind the making of the barrel is complicated too. American oak infuses the ageing wine with a flavor that is creamy and buttery. This wine even feels thicker than other wines because of this.

The Oak barrel are now being used by some American chardonnay producers, especially in the Northwest. The reason they are using oak barrels is to impact a cleaner, silkier taste to the wine. If you're not a fan of the buttery taste of most American chardonnays, switch to one that's been aged in French oak. There is a big difference in taste.

What to Pair with Pinot Grigio

The key to pairing pinot grigio lies in creating a delicate contrast. The point is not to pair this acidic wine with any acidic foods. Pair this wine with foods that have buttery, creamy flavors instead. Try a pinot grigio with a creamy quiche or pate to create a delightful contrast between rich and refreshing flavors.

When it comes to pinot grigio, there's no need to find an aged bottle. This is one of those wines that is meant to be tasted while it is young. Pinot grigio has a pretty low alcohol content, usually ranging from about 12.5 to 13.5 percent. This makes it a great wine for pairing with sweet fruits.

Always keep your pinot grigio in the refrigerator. Then I take it out to breathe about a half-hour before serving, this allows the flavors and aroma to peak.

Food Pairing with Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a versatile wine, but it does have a higher alcohol content than pinot grigio. This wine really is best when paired with dishes that complement the wines creaminess. Pair it with foods such as rich white cheeses. When pairing with meat, it's an perfect pairing for fish and chicken, especially if you're serving an American-oak-barreled wine.

If you are serving a steel barrel chardonnay, then pair with a shellfish. But if pairing with a vegetarian meal, then go for the french oak barrel wine or use the wine to compliment bearnaise sauce covering your Ribeye. Whichever you choose, make sure to chill your chardonnay to 50-55 Fahrenheit in a wine cellar or cabinet or for at least 2 hours. Make sure to serve this wine cool, but not cold. Too cold and you will mask the flavors you are trying to enhance.

Now that you know how to drink and what to pair it with, make sure you follow this guide, next time you have a dinner party or just a good old fashion wine and cheese gathering.

National Drink Wine Day is February 18 - Check it out here

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you have anymore tips, please comment below.

xoxo Haley Fox


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