CoQ10 Supplement - Manna from Heaven!

7 Amazing Benefits of CoQ10 Supplement and why you should consider this as part of your daily routine. Doctors Call It "Manna from Heaven" for Your Health. Find Out Why! I was curious as to why so many people recommended this for me, that I just had to find out why and what this was going to do for me. Now that I am convinced, I have to share all of this with my amazing friends and family as I am now convinced that we all need this in our lives.

You have more than likely heard about the many amazing ways that taking a Coenzyme Q10 supplement can benefit your health, from increased energy and mental clarity to significantly improved heart health and this is only a few of them.

The fact is, the positive benefits of taking CoQ10 for our health are so well established that it has become one of the most popular supplements to date, and many doctors, even conservative ones, are starting to recommend it to their patients as well.

Sadly, what many people don't realize is that some CoQ10 supplements (Not all, but some) are made with a synthetic "cis" form of CoQ10 that is so poorly absorbed, it may as well be an placebo pill. This is why many people take CoQ10 for years without ever experiencing noticeable benefits, and then unfortunately are led to believe that CoQ10 is more marketing hype than a health breakthrough. What a shame. As it is one of the best out there as long as you find the ones that have real ingredients and are not synthetic rip offs. Like ESTORA Vegan CoQ10 Ubiquinone Supplement, which is one of the most highly recommended on the market, if not by every doctor out there.

CoQ10 Is Fuel for Your Heart!

Your heart beats on average 100,000 times a day. In order for your heart to get its job done, it has to be fueled by CoQ10, which is why there are so many scientific studies showing how it confers powerful support for your entire cardiovascular system. When your heart has high levels of CoQ10, it works perfectly. To explain better, your mitochondria (the cells' energy factories) need CoQ10 to generate ATP energy. This helps to keep your heart cells functioning and in healthy conditions. But when those levels get low, your heart strains to do its job, and in turn, your entire body will suffer.

By 50, Your CoQ10 Levels Rapidly Decline

According to leading experts in natural health, it's critical to supplement with CoQ10 as you grow older. After you turn 30, your natural levels of CoQ10 begin to diminish. By the time you reach 50, this depletion of CoQ10 continues to deplete rapidly. Therefore, by the age of 70, your natural CoQ10 levels may be 50% lower than they were when you were a young adult! Scary Huh?

We all know that as we age, our bodies don't perform as well in certain areas. But in many cases, there's little we can do about it. That's why I get so excited about ESTORA Vegan CoQ10 Ubiquinone Supplement. It's one tool that enables us to fight back against aging and provide our bodies with a nourishing antioxidant that it is struggling to produce as we get older.

By the Way, age is not the only factor that accelerates the loss of CoQ10. You may be shocked to learn that one of the worst culprits is pharmaceutical drugs, especially statins, which is a whole other story by itself.

Why You Need the Right CoQ10 Supplement

I can tell you firsthand that once you start taking the right kind of CoQ10, you'll know it instantly.

For Me, it was a noticeable boost in my energy level as well as my skin was almost transformed overnight to a soft, vibrant, subtle skin I had 10 years ago,.

As I explained above, the older you get, the more likely you are to have reduced levels of CoQ10. This is why I recommend a high-quality CoQ10 supplement to help slow the signs of aging. But please don't grab the first CoQ10 bottle you see on the shelf believing that it will provide all of these incredible health benefits or just look for a bargain bottle as they are NOT all equal. You have to make sure you read testimonials, read the ingredients (my dad used to say, if you can't understand it, don't do it) Therefore, look up each word to see what it means and make sure you "Understand" what is inside your bottle. I have done all this for you already with the many I have tested and as I have stated above, when you find the right one, you just KNOW it! ESTORA Vegan CoQ10 Ubiquinone Supplement is that one. BTW, it is NOT the most expensive brand out there either, it is right in the middle, but it is the one that will give you everything you are looking for, no doubts!

7 Incredible Health Benefits of CoQ10

Improves cardiovascular functions

Boosts energy & stamina

Supports cognitive functions

Fights free radical damage

Supports healthy vision & hearing

Improves overall oral health

Promotes smooth, supple, age-defying skin (OH YEAH BABY)

Everyone Knows I am not the kind to go on and on about anything, filling up my pages with useless garbage that no-one even wants to read, but when I find something that excites me, my passion comes out! This is one of those things!

But you need to do yourself a favor and want to look younger, feel better and live to see your family grow. This is now what makes me feel this will happen, there is nothing I have felt this way for in a very long time. Do Yourself this life altering task and know you have made a great decision for your health and your family.

Get Yours Here: ESTORA Vegan CoQ10 Ubiquinone Supplement

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If you have any tips or tricks to include add them to the comment section below.

xoxo Haley Fox

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