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Living in Las Vegas, has it's ups and downs, but mostly ups, you just have to take the time to find solutions for the everyday problem. When it comes to our Water, which is essential to live, we should care more about it's purity. Myself, being a new fitness and health guru and more so a home owner, interior designer and mother, I am always looking for innovative, efficient ways to have a healthy and safe source for our water supply. I have finally found just that with Wave Home Solutions.

The Sad part is that the world we live in is changing every day and some of these changes are NOT for the better. The Way people interact with the planet is being decided for us, we need to do research and have a say in all this. Read More HERE - ARTICLE FROM DIGITAL JOURNAL The Good news is, there are options, you can do research, you can test things out for yourself and see where your desires fit, like I have done.

I not only fill up my workout water bottles from the tap, but I recycle everything I use as well. When my water doesn't refresh me or tastes metallic, like it does when I work out in the park, I know something bad is going on.

Fortunately, there are companies out there that recognize the importance of helping people take back control over the quality of water and air they allow into their homes and lives. Wave Home Solutions offers all-in-one filtering and ventilation systems. It is so important for us to understand just how Important these options are and how we must implement them into our homes.

Gasification of Our Water Supply

Hydraulic fracturing or more commonly as fracking, has been used for decades to free natural gas from layers of stone and mine so that is can be used to provide heating for homes and businesses around the world. It sounds like a super great idea, but there are two severe problems with fracking that are affecting our water. These problems are the chemicals and the natural gas.

Fracking uses natural materials, like water and sand to release the gas and bring it to the surface. But there are a small percentage of chemicals used in fracking that get into the area's water table and contaminate our drinking and water supplies. This can be just like or Worse than smoking thousands of cigarettes, as a former smoker this is terrifying. These are referred to as “Highly Volatile Organic Compounds” or HVOC. The Main three chemicals in question being Hexane, Trimethylbenzene and Xylene.

Realities of Drinking Contaminated Water

Whether you get your Water from a private well or the city, it helps to understand the truth behind drinking water. Then you can appreciate the urgent need for a professional filtration system in your home. It has become standard for communities all over the world to add chlorine to their drinking water, this you can even smell and taste in some places, like my last home in PA. In the United States, this practice is everywhere, and the levels of chlorine in American drinking water tend to be higher than other countries. Chlorine destroys bacteria and pathogens in water, so it is necessary, but it has a side effect that can be dangerous to our health as well. Chlorine combined with naturally occurring elements in drinking water create a compound called trihalomethanes. There is nothing that can be done to stop this either, it is natural. A high concentration of chlorine in our drinking water means a higher concentration of trihalomethanes in it as well.

The EPA has been warning people for years that the levels of trihalomethanes in many public drinking water sources are dangerously high and this can lead to liver problems, nervous system issues and even cancer, scary huh? A European study showed that men who are exposed to trihalomethanes have an increased risk of bladder cancer, which terrifies me to death.

How to Protect our Family's Water Supply!

Most people would say that they are unable to have an impact or change the damage that individuals and businesses are having on the environment. That is why there are activist groups fighting lobbyists with seemingly endless line of bureaucratic challenges. These Activists can only help prevent some of the problems though. This does not mean that you have to expose your family to the hazards that are created by other people or businesses.

Fortunately, there are many innovative companies and individuals who do have the earth’s best interests at heart. Like, Wave Home Solutions, which focuses on creating products that enable people to protect their family from our rapidly deteriorating environment. Making it easy to fight these issues in your home because this is where most of your exposure to toxic chemicals will occur. Your home is where you are in control, so take control.

So, What Is The Solution?

To combat the issues with drinking water quality, many people, like myself turn to bottled water. While doing this shows plenty of initiative in keeping your family healthy, it does not come close to solving the problem of exposing your family to dangerous water, as I have recently learned. Bottled water uses plastic as its primary container. While we would all like to believe that most plastic bottles get recycled, the sad truth is they do not. Countries all over the world utilize bottled water, and a large majority of those bottles find their way into landfills and as garbage floating in our oceans and water supplies.

Filtration systems that attach to your kitchen faucet only do part of the job, just like the one I have on my refrigerator. However, you are also exposed to chlorine and other chemicals from every faucet in your home, so focusing on a faucet will not eliminate all of your potential risks.

The problem with our home's water source is that you are relying on politicians and failed public policy to determine the health of your family. Maximum contaminant levels that are accepted by municipalities do not mean that those levels are healthy; they just mean that bureaucrats can live with that much pollution. Ever watch the commercials about an acceptable amount of lead in our drinking water? This is the same concept.

When these maximum levels are exceeded, it is much easier and cost efficient for politicians to simply raise the allowable levels instead of dealing with removing them from the water. It can be a helpless feeling, but you can do something about it. Instead of putting your family at the mercy of bureaucrats and politicians, you can install a full house water filtration system that will protect your family at all times, like I have done, and would do over again in a heartbeat.

A full house filtration system reduces our carbon footprint by eliminating the use of plastic bottles. It also saves us money by eliminating the need to buy bottled water, and it protects my family by making certain that all of our home's water is clean. I haven't even thrown away a plastic bottle since it was installed, I now reuse those over and over again, until they crack and are no longer usable.

Clean Air is More important than you Think!

When it comes to the issues of clean air and clean water, people appear to be equally as concerned about them both. I think it is great that people want to address these problems that come with our polluted environment. However as with the solutions that most people use to address the issue of polluted water, the manner in which many people attempt to get clean air in their homes also falls short in solving the problems.

Check out this video, which truly made me realize what I needed to do!

What will happen if we Do Nothing?

The important thing to understand about becoming and staying healthy is being proactive, without being proactive, we will fall short. A large majority of people will take the time to change the filters in their furnaces and air conditioning units, just like there are those who will invest in a single air filter for a certain room. But the reality is, given the conditions of the air you breathe, these simple solutions will never be enough.

If you do not clean up the air in your home, you are creating a disgusting breeding area for bacteria and disease. Stagnant air that is not properly conditioned is the perfect growing conditions for mold, dust mites, and insects that bring disease. If you do nothing about the air in your home, you are exposing your family to a variety of potential hazards.

You can ignore, but at great risk the Radon gas, which can seep into your basement through the foundation, gases produced by combustible appliances, carbon monoxide and toxic vapors from cleaning materials are all everyday sources of indoor air pollution.

The Solution Is A System That Protects Your Entire Home

Just like the solution to your clean water problems is a comprehensive filtration system that cleans the water in your entire home, the solution to your indoor air quality issues is a system that addresses the problematic air and by doing so benefiting your entire house. It is also important to use a solution that keeps its energy usage down so that your energy bills doesn't shoot through the roof.

There are many companies, with great reputations that offer home systems that filter water and air to make them safer for your home. Recognizable names like Pelican and Culligan have systems that remove many of the contaminants that are found in our water.

The problem is that these companies often do not offer solutions for both of our issues, and they do not focus on the operational costs of these systems. WAVE Home Solutions offers comprehensive whole house solutions, and there is significant focus on making sure that utilizing WAVE products does not put a huge crater in your wallet by inflating your bills.

Look Into A WAVE for your Water and Air Solutions

as stated by the president of WAVE Home Solutions, Phil Konigsberg “People don’t always pay attention to the fact that certain ailments they have may be due to their indoor everyday environment. It is extremely important to make sure that the two most important things we need to live, air and water, are contributing to our well-being, not detracting from it.” It makes a lot of sense to take pride in the care of your home and family, and part of that care is being proactive in creating a clean living environment for all of them.

The WAVE Ventilation solution requires no maintenance, and to be fair, there are many competing solutions and technologies on the market. Just remember, you will be creating a safe environment for you and your family and have confidence in the food they eat, the water they drink and use to bathe with. Do your research and make calls. Talk to contractors in your local area as well as read up on the issues dealing with deteriorating quality of our indoor water and air. Know the background of city water in your area.

You can choose to ignore the fact that your air and water are not clean. You can ignore that your air and water are not the healthiest they can be or you can take action and talk to a professional organization about putting an end to unclean air and water. You may not be able to tell a multi-billion dollar corporation to follow the environmental safety laws, but you can affect what happens in your own home and town. With a WAVE Home or competing system you can control how healthy your family is, regardless of what the rest of the world may be doing.

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