Antique Day at the Las Vegas Art District

In my Opinion there is no greater place on earth than Las Vegas and when it comes to things to do here the fun never runs out. Being a mom of kids you would think it would be hard to find fun family time together, but we could spend days in certain parts of the city and never see everything there is to see. The Art District is just one of those places.

We left the house at noon in hopes of having great sun for Isabella's Photo shoot where she is showing off her two outfits and her adorable nautical bracelets she just got.

Isabella's love of colors makes the art district one of the best places for photo shoots on earth. Isabella is a fashion and beauty blogger but it is because that is her passion, she shops for great deals and shows all her friends and family what she got.

Izzy picked out this adorable Romper from baileyBlue, her shoes are my favorite Blue Slip on Heels from Mudd and the handbag is from Guess's spring Collection.

The Bracelet, only shown in only half the shoot will be featured in an upcoming photo shoot as they are one of my favorite new jewelry designers called Wind Passion. They make these amazing little nautical rope accessories that go with everything.

This hat, of course is an antique, but to adorable not to show off. There are the most adorable antiques in these shops. The one in these photos seems to be everything from the 70's. I mean if you had a house that you wanted to look just like it fell out of the Brady Bunch, this is the store for you. I was dumb enough not to get a card, but it is the first big one you get to on the left when you first get on main street. Very big, lots of stuff, but be warned, it is so hot you will be dripping in sweat so bring water, It is still worth it.

this particular shot is Noah's debut as a photographer and I have to say, it is the most artistic of the bunch. I see a bright future here!

And here is the Best Shop of the Day! Oddities is one of those rare jems that once you come in the door it devours you and Yes in a good way!

Wait Photo Opp! her Guess Graphic Tee, Guess Bag and her VS Polka Dot Shorts!, Too Cute!

this 2nd outfit is her new "I'm Not Perfect" Tee from Urban Episode with my Victoria Secrets Shorts and my beautiful sketchers.

I have to admit, it is an adorable outfit.

Now lets dive into my favorite antiques of the day!

I am not a huge collector of coca-cola products but I know a lot of people that are, so when I saw this beauty I just knew I had to share this one.

Then there is the one thing that everyone would expect me to share! I have always been a

fan of Carousal horses and this one is from 1940, how perfect is this? If you blow the photo up, you can see the details and the intricacy in the beautiful specimen of a show horse. I have no idea where my fascination started, but I think it was when I was young and used to ride horses in competition, then when I saw my first carousel at a fair I was hooked for life! The most touching gift my father ever gave me was only a few years ago when he gave me an ornament, a carousal. I was shocked that my father of now almost 70 remembered something from my youth.

One of my favorite places we hit the entire day was called Oddities (which I mentioned above), this was the best place ever! The next bunch of photos will be from that shop as they had way to much cool stuff, so yeah it is kinda a feature.

Oh yeah, Enter if you dare! do you? We did and let me tell you, this little shop of horrors, I mean oddities is the best!

They have These amazing Handmade Steampunk Mad Hatter Style Hats as well as the amazing handmade headbands and hair accessories. Just Click on the photo to blow it up and see all the intricate details, they are truly stunning! Plus you can see the quality and craftsmanship in all the pieces throughout the shop.

They even have Girl Versions. I could totally see both Izzy and Dan Dressing up to the hilt for Halloween in these things. They were begging me for money all the way out the door, LOL!

When you first walk into this unique shop you are greeted by these legs glowing in green adorning the top shelving of the walls. Almost instantly one of the four girls behind the counter calls out and says "Welcome, let me know if there is anything we can help you with." but it didn't stop there! They were so friendly and inviting. For an oddities shop, they made everyone that walked in feel so welcome!

then we have the truly creepy! yes it is a REAL Body! The shop owner was very informative every time I had a question and boy did I have a lot of them. I explored as much as I could before Noah got out of hand of course. Oh and yes, the Above intro Photo is a Seance Room and it is operational. She told me it is mostly by appointment only, but they do have the occasional drop in. Very interesting huh?

Then the are the Beetles, Dan has a thing for bugs and just showed me the Hercules Beetle, so when I saw it, I was like....I know this one, LOL!

This of course was not the only place we hit, as you can see from a few photos above, the only problem is I forgot to get the cards for the others, or should I say, they were not near as receptive to us as Oddities was. They more kept to themselves and didn't talk to anyone that came in. But they did have some amazing things that I captured below.

The Best one I will be Framing is the GIANT Mickey Mouse Clock and the kids... all but Dan :-( But it is still a great Photo!

Izzy of course wants to make sure I spotlight some of her best shots of the day, so her gallery is below:

We wrapped up the day by having Lunch at Don Casa a great Mexican Cafe right in the Heart of the Art district. I was so Hot and exhausted by then that I ordered a Pina Colada, that of course when it arrived was more like a Monsta Colada!

But totally worth it! The Steak Quesadillas were to die for as well, Make sure to check them out next time you are in the area!

I truly hope you liked out Trip to the downtown art district, we aren't done either, so stay tuned for more. If you have any tips for us, please leave them in the comment section below.

xoxo Haley

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