9 Anti-Aging Hacks for Ageless Eyes

Since our eyes are usually the first place to show age – and can also give it away – I thought I would focus today’s hacks on ways to brighter, healthier, younger eyes. I know this is an issue with me. I even have makeup tricks, thanks to Izzy!


1. Dark circles can be something you are born with or they can can come with age.  As the skin thins you can start to see the blood vessels underneath.  Caffeine shrinks those blood vessels. Many eye products now contain caffeine because of this.  But you can do it yourself. Mix together 4 tablespoons of Organic Aloe Vera Gel with 2 teaspoons of Coffee Oil and 2 teaspoons of Pure Vitamin E Oil.  I Store mine in an small glass container and use it nightly. 

2: Thinking about getting an eyelift?  Try this first – a daily massage around your eyes. I use a little coconut oil to reduce the friction.  Here’s the method: use your middle fingers and start at the inside corner of your eyes.  And gently make circles for 30 seconds. Next take your middle fingers and start at that middle of your eyebrows and massage up.  Stop at the hairline and repeat for 30 seconds. Do this every day for a week and you’ll cancel that eyelift.

3: Pure aloe vera is a great way to reduce those little crow’s’ feet – apply morning and night. I use this the same way I use the coconut oil, I massage it into the temples with my middle fingers, gently yet enough to absorb.

4: Egg-White masks tighten the area and hydrates your face. Just separate from the yolk and apply as you would any other mask.  Leave it on about 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. 

5: Lashes can thin with age, but they don’t have to.  For a natural lash-growth formula mix 2 teaspoons of Castor Oil and ½ teaspoon of Coconut Oil to an Amber Dropper Bottle.  Apply a small amount to the lash line right before you go to bed. Make sure you shake it well before each use as it does separate. With regular use you should see results in as little as six weeks.  If you are tempted to try lash extensions, the American Academy of Ophthalmology warns that there are risks, “namely: trauma to or infection of the eyelid or cornea; allergic reaction to the glue; and permanent or temporary loss of eyelashes.” Izzy is a fan of extensions, I am not. You can also try this for your lashes if you don't want to make it at home. CLICK HERE

6: Sparse eyebrows can also make you look older, one of my biggest issues. I lightly fill in the area with this pencil and I love it.  P.S. You can also apply some of the lash-growth formula nightly when you are applying to your lashes.

7: Vision is so Important, we don't want to walk around in granny glasses. Eat a healthy diet of green leafy vegetables, eggs, oily fish, carrots, citrus fruits, seeds, nuts, organic beef and green tea.  Or take supplements with nutrients like omega-3s, Vitamins A, C, and E, lutein, zinc and zeaxanthin, you can customize what you need by taking this quick quiz to see what your lacking. QUIZ

8: Tea bags, Yes Tea Bags!

I make a strong cup of tea using two teabags, but you can just save them as you make them. Basically I place the teabags in the refrigerator while I drink the tea. I then lay on the couch or bed and place them over my eyes for about 10 minutes. Doing this allows the tannins in the tea to treat the puffy eyes and dark circles. Green tea bags reduce swelling and tighten the skin around the eyes. The caffeine reduces puffiness by shrinking the blood vessels. Now I know, you have heard this one a hundred time, but there is a reason for that.

9: Hydration - I cannot tell you enough that water is the key to our skin. You need to drink at least 4 bottles of water a day. Honestly, they say to drink double that, but I don't know how people do that. I live in Las Vegas and I still can't get myself to down 8 bottles of water a day, LOL.


10: Sleep - "You Must get your Beauty Sleep" has been told to us our entire lives. Even though it is only a saying, it has true meaning behind it – sleep is the best way to get bright eyes.  If you have trouble sleeping try a Natural Sleep Aid.  I love this stuff, I don't use it nightly but it is perfect when I have had a few days without enough sleep and it starts to show in my eyes.

Have a great week everyone!

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P.S.  Recently my oldest daughter asked me, “Mom, Do you have any more of that eye serum?  She was talking about my Vitamin C Serum+.  PUSH HERE to see why we love it so much!


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