10 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and whether you're single or taken, you can always have the best time celebrating with your best friends. That is why Today, I am channeling my inner #girlboss Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation this Galentine's Day. Between My Gal Pals and My Best Friend and Daughter it is very hard for me to decide what to do.

If you can't decide between a Galentine's Day party or an epic all gal road trip, here are 10 ideas for how to spend it with your gal pal squad.

1: Galentine's Day Bake-a-Thon: Host a delicious bake-a-thon with your favorite gal pals and make it a challenge to see who can be the most creative with their desserts. Winner gets a gift basket, or a gift card for a night out.

2. Nail Decorating Party: Pamper yourself this holiday with a nail design party. Pass a bottle of their favorite polish and this free printable out to your gals as they arrive. (via Studio DIY)

3. Means Girls Movie Night: Grab the Pink Drizzle Popcorn and prepare for a cozy night in with your gal pals, you can choose any movie to set the mode, like "Mean Girls" or "Thelma and Louise". Set the party right with a Burn Book Journal to the most creative gal of the night.

4. Road Trip With Your Gals: If you are like me and live in the city of FUN, then you don't have to spend Galentine's Day inside. If you're not near the beach, you can take a day trip anywhere, hiking, the park, the beach, the pool, you name it. This year I am taking the girls to our famous ghost town for a photo shoot and a picnic lunch before hiking.

5. Karaoke Party: What better way to start off your Galentine's Day blast, then a good old fashion sing off? Weather you are going out or have a Karaoke Machine at home, this party is one of the best ideas on the board.th your favorite ladies? Yep, we didn't think we'd have to tell you twice.

6. Wine Tasting Luncheon: Me and My Gals Love the Wine, I mean just check out my Instagram feed, the proof is everywhere. No need for an excuse for this party, but it is one that no friend will miss, guaranteed!!! LOL

7. Pool Party: If you live in a warmer climate, like me (or have a heated pool), like me... throw a fun Galentine's Day pool party complete with all of the essentials. Serve up some wine, cheese and crackers, adorable floaties and throw in some after swim facials and that is a day to remember!

8. DIY Crafting Party: Make Gift giving easier with personalized DIY wall art, with easy DIY crafting parties, they can decorate for the spring or prepare for a birthday party. Even better, get a jump on Christmas. No matter what they decide to make, serve the wine and snacks, because this will be fun.

9. Host a Cooking Party: I am the know chef of the group, so my friends have no problem popping in to see what is in the oven. They are constantly asking me for recipes and love to hang out with me in the kitchen. So what could be better than Hosting a cooking party for all my gal pals? Make sure to set out the wine and some premade appetizers, so they don't eat up your food before you cook it, LOL

15. Makeup Hair and Dancing: Your ladies deserve a get-together that's sure to give each gal the much-needed fun she deserves. Host an Dress up Night, where everyone gets their hair done, makeup done and gets to dress to the hilt and hit the clubs for some nice dance moves. To make the night even more special, hire a photographer, it will make every moment last forever.

Looking for Even more reasons to get together with your Gal Pals this Galentine's Day? Follow us on Pinterest Instagram and Facebook for even more ideas.

Have any great ideas yourself? Comment below!

xoxo Haley Fox

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