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Need a Review?

Have an Amazon Store Or Products?

I offer Three type of review services.

1: Photo Review (2 or more Photos) of the product with an honest review $35 plus Cost of Product

2: Video Review Samples shows on Review Page $85 plus Cost of Product

3: Amazon Front Page and Search Video Submission. $175 plus Cost of Product

This comes with a video to my front page store as well as submission to Amazon Video Reviews that will put you on a rotation for the front page and search categories for your item.


All Services come with a verified review of the product.

All Payments are in advance and done through Zelle or Paypal. 

PayPal email / Zelle same email.

make sure thing link for the product to purchase is in the notes and a backup email is sent immediately.

I do also offer social shares. Analytics can be sent upon request (over 8 million monthly views on all channels)

Incorrect amounts sent, will only delay reviews.

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