Haley's Influencer Coaching

Are you struggling with Growing On Social Media or truly have a desire to become an Influencer?

I have been a social media influencer for over 12 years now and have an average of 30 Million views a month across my social Media Platforms. 

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Facebook Private Group 

Influencer Marketing

Learn how to market like an Influencer. If your desire is to get large paychecks from  brands, or maybe you just want to learn the tricks of how to get more followers, leads and sales, this training is for you!

Branding & Selling

When it comes to owning your own business, one of the most important things you will need to learn is graphic design, logo creations and Branding. Once you have that set up, selling becomes an across board event.

Recruiting & Training

Recruiting is one of the hardest and yet easiest parts of any business. Even if it is recruiting good employees or recruiting people to your team, how you do this is the key to your success in finding the right people to take on.


Video & Photo Editing

Learn Video and Photography skills like the pros. From what apps do what, to what to post for each channel. 

Every channel has it's own format. Tiktok is video only, but did you know you an make photos into videos? Instagram, Facebook and all the others have formats for everything. 

But what is the proper size for each platform? What platform should I do videos and what should you do photos on? 

Not only do I cover weekly training on platforms I am available for one on one questions whenever needed. 

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Group Coaching

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Group with Private Coaching

Group Coaching is a twice a week training session on My private Facebook group that is interactive with live coaching twice a week. 

Interactive question asking as well as messaging after sessions for mor clarity. Posting to Other boards as well as Subject Suggestions Allowed.

Group with Private Coaching Offers access to our weekly training as well as one on one training focusing on Your desired subject for one hour per week. This is done by appointment only and I only have 10 spots open per week. Right NOW only 4 Spots remain Through February of 2023

Yearly Plans Give  you two free Months off of the normal pricing
Click on Plans underlined above to complete enrollment.